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Czwartek, 12 Marzec 2009 14:15

About us
The priest Stanislav Konarski Public Comprehensive School Nr 7  has existed since 1999 and was created  on the basis of The Primary School Nr 18. We refer to rich traditions of the school existing since the year of 1919 which was given the name of Stanislav Konarski and its first flag on 2 May 1926.Our seat is in the building on  Stoleczna Street, which was given for  the use on 5 January 1965.The Public Comprehensive School Nr 7 was given a flag and the name of the meritorious patron on 21 June 2005. There are 450 students (13-16 years old).

School Board
Mrs Urszula Sztabelska-Kopa  is the headmistress of the school and Mrs Małgorzata Sokół is her assistant. 40 teachers  are employed there.

Didactic support
The Public Comprehensive School Nr 7 has 22 didactic classrooms at disposal providing school accessories. It also owns 2 computer workrooms, both of access to the Internet. Furthermore, the Multimedia Information Centre has beeen created in our library this year. Physical education takes place in the gym and athletic hall. Sport class’s pupils have been training shooting within the obligatory and free classes on the rifle-range “Kaliber”. Our school also has a big, fenced shool square along with the sports field.

Teaching profiles
The sport class of shooting speciality has been existing since the school year 2004/2005 in The Public Comprehensive School Nr 7. Pupils who contest for the place in that group have to pass the shooting test successfully. Apart from the obligatory foreign language learning our pupils, who are eager to learn, can also attend the supplementary foreign language classes  (French, German or English). The Public Comprehensive School Nr 7 is the only one in Bialystok where pupils can learn one of the national minorities’s languages, namely Belarussian.

After- lesson hours
Pupils can improve themselves participating in:
- cabaret “Onion”
- school choir
- sporting activities ( handball, aerobics)
- additional afternoon classes of the certain subject’s interest ( Polish, Mathematics, History, Chemistry)
Moreover, pupils can join:
- European School Club
- School Bulletin
- "Caritas"

Our School Club can also provide many attractive activities.
We also take part in Comenius projects.

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